Body of Ex-Saddam aide which went missing `located`

  12 June 2015    Read: 549
Body of Ex-Saddam aide which went missing `located`
The body of former Iraqi deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz has been located, after being snatched from Baghdad International Airport where it was waiting to be flown to Jordan for burial.
The Aziz family lawyer, Badee Aref Ezzat, said on Thursday that the body is now in the government`s possession.

"The government has been able to get the body from the unidentified men who took it. But, we don`t know where the body exactly is right now or what will happen next," he said.

Reports suggest the body was taken minutes before it was to be loaded on to a Royal Jordanian Airlines flight bound for the capital, Amman, where Aziz`s family intended he be buried.

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