Dutch embassy in Baku shifts to remote work

  17 March 2020    Read: 612
  Dutch embassy in Baku shifts to remote work

While the novel coronavirus is expanding its geography, countries, and governments are taking measures to protect people.

As part of the steps to curb the spread of the disease, the Dutch embassy in Azerbaijan has shifted to remote work, Azvision.az reports.

"As from yesterday, the Netherlands Embassy in Baku started working from home. We will continue to work as broadly and normally as possible and can be contacted through popular channels of communication. Questions, general, consular and on the implication of the COVID-19 (Corona) situation related to Dutch persons staying and residing in Azerbaijan can be directed as usual to:

"24/7 Contact Service: https://www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl/…/contact-met-het-24-7-b… and the mailbox of the Netherlands Embassy in Azerbaijan: [email protected]," the embassy said in a statement.

Countries close borders, suspend classes, cut flights, and limit the operation of bars, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers amid coronavirus fears.

The number of COVID-19 infection cases has already reached hundreds of thousands. The death toll from the disease is counted by thousands of people globally. 

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