Azerbaijani Parliament's Vice Speaker: necessary to create group of volunteers under current conditions

  18 March 2020    Read: 1405
 Azerbaijani Parliament

It would be advisable to create a group of volunteers under current conditions, Vice Speaker of Azerbaijan's Parliament Adil Aliyev wrote on his Facebook page, reports on March 18.

“Coronavirus is a source of great threat to humanity, and at the same time it is a test. Humanity is faced with something like this every 100 years. The situation with the coronavirus, which occurred in China three months ago, did not bother those living in other states and on other continents, and many people thought that the threat was over. Today the picture is different. Many states have faced with this, and there are infected even in a distant Greenland,” Aliyev added.

“The virus was also detected in Azerbaijan, and I call upon not to panic. But you can’t remain silent either; you must try to protect yourself and society from the existing threat. I fully support the measures taken by the state,” the vice speaker noted.

“Even Western countries, considering themselves the cradle of democracy, decided to temporarily limit the social activity of citizens, because the main goal now is to save the lives of people. Although the situation in Azerbaijan is not as worrying as in the Western countries, we still have to be concerned. Only by strengthening preventive measures, we can get rid of the threat of the coronavirus spread. Therefore, it is necessary to support the measures taken by the Parliament and the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers: not to leave home without need, not to go to restaurants, cafés and hypermarkets. Unfortunately, sometimes there is another attitude. Therefore, the Ministry of Education suspended the educational process in the country. But you can still meet young people in malls, cafés and other places," Aliyev said.

The vice speaker appealed to the youth with a recommendation not to leave homes temporarily and not to visit various public places with friends.

"When leaving the house and visiting various places, you endanger yourself and others," he added.

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