Scope of work related to coronavirus tests increases in Azerbaijan

  24 March 2020    Read: 973
  Scope of work related to coronavirus tests increases in Azerbaijan

The scope of work on conducting coronavirus tests has greatly increased in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Gasimov said.

Gasimov made the remark in Baku at the briefing in connection with coronavirus.

“To date, 72 individuals’ tests are positive,” deputy minister said. “They have been infected with coronavirus. Ten of them recovered, one person died. About 1,000 people are on quarantine. There are two foreigners among infected people. These are mainly people aged 29-50 years old.”

"The facts of infection are more often observed in the southern region,” Gasimov said. “The people infected were among those who arrived in Azerbaijan before the closure of the border with Iran.”

Touching upon the issue of medical masks supplies, the deputy minister stressed that they have been purchased and are sold by pharmacies.

Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers Ibrahim Mammadov emphasized that currently, there are currently enough volumes masks and personal protective equipment in Azerbaijan. Moreover, other medical supplies are also being imported into the country.

Azerbaijan remains one of the countries, least affected by the rapidly spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The country's official structures are applying necessary measures to prevent any possible exposure of coronavirus. Azerbaijan has also imported necessary medical equipment to carry out coronavirus tests.

Azerbaijan's official structures have also set up quarantine centers in the country's districts, which would allow to react faster to the possible outbreak due to joint borders. Azerbaijan shares border with Iran, where coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly.



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