Coronavirus: Six more people test positive in Azerbaijan, one person died

  25 March 2020    Read: 2541
Coronavirus: Six more people test positive in Azerbaijan, one person died

Six more have tested positive for coronavirus in Azerbaijan and one person died, the Operational Headquarters under the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers told.

One of these patients, who is the Azerbaijani citizen, came to hospital with high fever and shortness of breath. The patient, who also had diabetes and coronary heart disease, tested positive for COVID-19. Despite the doctors’ efforts, the patient’s health deteriorated and he died on the same day.

Family members of the patient and other persons with whom he interacted were identified and quarantined.

Currently, 81 people with active phase of coronavirus are in special hospitals under the supervision of doctors in the country. The condition of five of them is assessed as moderate, the rest feel normal, their health condition is stable. The necessary measures are underway for the medical treatment of the patients.

Azerbaijan continues to take relevant measures related to check-up of 2,914 people in various quarantine zones to detect infection cases.

Everyone must thoroughly observe the rules of hygiene, strictly adhere to the requirements and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers to prevent the spread of coronavirus, said the headquarters.

Citizens must adhere to self-isolation measures. People must not leave houses unless absolutely necessary. It is also imperative to contactless with other people and not to visit crowded places.

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