TABIB: No scarcity of doctors observed in Azerbaijan

  16 April 2020    Read: 875
  TABIB: No scarcity of doctors observed in Azerbaijan

There is no scarcity of doctors in Azerbaijan, Chairman of the Management Union of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB) Ramin Bayramli said, reports.

“The number of patients recovering from coronavirus in Azerbaijan may increase in the coming days. There is no lack of doctors in the country. Presently, 30-40 percent of the fund for beds is used. I hope we will get out of this situation with minimal lasses,” he said.

Coordinator of the REACT-C19 project Hamza Zeytunoghlu noted that support for the fight against coronavirus will be carried out as part of this project in 16 hospitals.

Zeytunoglu added that firstly, they will support Azerbaijan in combating the coronavirus pandemic in four hospitals in Baku city, and then in the regions.

Head of WHO Country Office in Azerbaijan Hande Harmanci added that despite the large number of applications for participation in the project, 19 doctors meeting certain criteria were selected.

They came back to Azerbaijan by a private plane after a week of training in Izmir province, Turkey, Bayramli said.

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