Political parties represented in Azerbaijani parliament make statement

  17 April 2020    Read: 775
Political parties represented in Azerbaijani parliament make statement

The political parties which are represented in the Azerbaijani parliament signed a statement in connection with the measures to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic and eliminate socio-economic consequences.

The statement was signed by the representatives of New Azerbaijan Party, Ana Vatan party, Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, Civil Union Party, Great Revival Party, Azerbaijan Political Party of Democratic Reforms, Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party and Civil Union Party.

The document reads:

"We, the political parties that signed this statement, emphasize that it is important to further strengthen the national unity and solidarity while COVID-19 pandemic is raging all over the world and causing the death of hundreds of thousands of people.

There is a threat of the deepest crisis over recent decades as a result of the pandemic. The social and economic life has been greatly affected. The consequences of the pandemic have been also observed in Azerbaijan. While realizing the importance of comprehensive and preventive measures taken in our country to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, protect people’s health, address emerging socio-economic challenges, we make the following statement:

COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures are implemented by the Azerbaijani government on the initiative and under the leadership of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

The movement was restricted and the special quarantine regime was introduced to reduce the cases and risk of infection with the virus.

The operational and comprehensive work on organizing the medical treatment of patients is carried out.

The return of numerous Azerbaijani citizens to the country, including undergraduates studying abroad and remaining abroad as a result of border closures was ensured at the state expense.

The additional measures are carried out to further strengthen the social protection of vulnerable strata of the population.

The students who are members of low-income families and pay for education were exempted from tuition fees during the fight against the pandemic.

The state support program is implemented in connection with the social protection of employees who have stopped working as a result of restrictive measures applied to prevent the spread of a pandemic.

The projects are implemented within the support for entrepreneurs working in small and medium-sized enterprises who temporarily ceased their activity.

The multilateral programs on the protection of all sectors of the economy from the negative impact of a pandemic are developed.

A set of measures is conducted to maintain macroeconomic stability.

A big amount of state funds are allocated to finance the measures to combat the pandemic.

The population is mobilized for taking the measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, including the creation of “Fund to Support Fight against Coronavirus".

Some 176 people older 65 sentenced to imprisonment were pardoned upon the Azerbaijani president’s decree.

We urge the members of organizations that we represent to follow the necessary, urgent preventive and restrictive measures which are implemented by the government with great responsibility and fully comply with the quarantine regime.

We also call for demonstrating social responsibility as part of the fight against coronavirus.

We urge to join the calls for national unity and solidarity, which are an important condition for the fight against a pandemic.

We call for refusing from any meetings to fulfill the organizational tasks and use the capabilities of modern information technologies.

We strongly condemn the dissemination of rumors, information of a provocative nature related to the coronavirus in social networks and ask the relevant competent bodies to take the strongest measures within the law against such actions.

We condemn the propaganda in social networks posted abroad and aimed at creating distrust in the government’s measures to combat COVID-19 pandemic, which intentionally damages the health of the population and we demand to put an end to such dangerous anti-Azerbaijani propaganda.

We consider it unacceptable for some groups to consciously politicize the introduction of a special quarantine regime as part of the necessary restrictive measures to combat coronavirus and sanctions for gross violations of the law that pose a serious threat to human health.

We strongly oppose the use of the current situation caused by coronavirus for political propaganda, turning a pandemic into an instrument of political struggle and using it for narrow political purposes that are far from national interests.

We urge all political parties, public organizations and civil society organizations to support the measures taken by the Azerbaijani government to quickly eliminate COVID-19 pandemic and its possible socio-economic consequences, as well as to facilitate their successful implementation.”



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