Azerbaijani Parliament adopts new law regarding chemical weapons

  17 April 2020    Read: 899
Azerbaijani Parliament adopts new law regarding chemical weapons

The draft law on the prohibition of the development, production, distribution and using chemical weapons, as well as on their destruction, was discussed on first reading at the meeting of Azerbaijan’s Parliament held on April 17.

According to paragraphs 1 and 20 of the first part of Article 94 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan, the law determines the legal basis for maintaining peace and security of mankind, ensuring the national security of Azerbaijan, maintaining environmental safety, including the development, production, distribution and prohibition of the use of chemical weapons and their destruction with a view to preventing the violation of the ecological balance in the country.

The law prohibits the development, production, acquisition, storage, distribution of chemical weapons in Azerbaijan, or the direct or indirect transfer of them to other persons, the holding of military exercises on their use or participation in any military exercises, and also prohibits in any way promoting or inducing other persons to carry out any activities prohibited by this law, the use of chemicals used to violate public safety and order and as a means of warfare.

The law allows using chemicals for industrial, agricultural, research, medical, pharmaceutical, or other peaceful purposes, in activities directly related to the protection against chemical weapons and toxic chemicals, using for other military purposes, except for use as a means of conducting wars, as well as using chemicals to combat violations of public safety and public order.

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