Azerbaijani embassy in Russia issues appeal in regard with coronavirus

  17 April 2020    Read: 1002
  Azerbaijani embassy in Russia issues appeal in regard with coronavirus

The Azerbaijani embassy in Russia has issued an appeal in connection with coronavirus, the embassy told.

"As part of the efforts being made to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the state border between Azerbaijan and Russia was temporarily closed,” the embassy said. “Some citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan for one reason or another could not leave the country and are forced to stay in the Russian Federation. Many of them faced a difficult situation due to strict quarantine measures. They virtually have no income. Some people have health problems. Some individuals are in the hospital or stay self-isolated. Unfortunately, among them there are people who are unable to pay for meal and accommodation.”

“The embassy, being in constant contact with the responsible individuals and the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in coordination with the Foreign Ministry and other official structures of the Russian Federation, continues to render assistance and take appropriate measures, within its diplomatic powers and limited capabilities, to help the Azerbaijani citizens,” the message said.

“Being on high alert, the embassy has created a 24/7 hotline,” the message said. “As a result of hard work in a short period of time, more than 2,000 fellow citizens were returned to Azerbaijan.”

“The embassy appreciates and expresses gratitude to all those who, in coordination with the embassy or personally, have already rendered any assistance to the Azerbaijani citizens who need help,” the message said.

“While appealing to the diaspora organizations, businessmen, wealthy Azerbaijanis, the embassy calls on all compatriots living in Russia to put aside all disputes, misunderstanding, and render any assistance to their fellow countrymen without populism and insults,” the message said.

“The embassy, for its part, expresses readiness to continue coordination of such humanitarian activity and wishes everyone robust health and patience,” the message said. “Amid an urgent need today, we urge all Azerbaijanis in Russia to join the appeal of the Azerbaijani president - "We are strong together!". We believe that the wise Azerbaijani people will overcome this difficult situation with dignity.”



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