The President saves the people, even Ali Karimli...

  18 April 2020    Read: 2160
  The President saves the people, even Ali Karimli...

By Zahir Oruj

Millions of people censured to the virtual world and monitors have become the audience of Azerbaijan's new neo-Bolsheviks. Now the real political arena is the only accessible communication platform in the world with coronavirus on touch screens. Although real theaters were once closed during COVID-19, like the great Russian poet Pushkin's "A Feast in Time of Plague", virtual lodges have opened up to the world. In what we can call brain tomography, it is possible to accurately diagnose the actions of any individual, socio-political group, to make an epicresis.

Firstly, it is useful to recall the words of an Azerbaijani mother, a holy and life-threatening employer, such as road cleaning, who will be an example for all public figures.Azerbaijani mother, who lives with her uneducated but almost academic mindset, aims to make the country look clean and tidy in the face of an international event. 

One of the strengths of the Soviet Union was its ability to produce ideological slogans and memes. It is a worthy event that the nation, which has experienced many tragedies in the history of independence and is now reviving its old wounds in the face of the word war, did not face the genocide in Italy and Spain on January 20 and February 26. However, the moral strength, pride, and confidence that an ordinary citizen who does not have a place in the hierarchy of positions will receive from the "victorious Azerbaijan" is possible only if everyone can live.

When the terms "war and law" are used together, in two thousand years of history, ironic sounds have always prevailed over other notes. It is not appropriate to give an example from the time of Oliver Cromwell or Napoleon Bonaparte, because it did not have the League of Nations or the United Nations, which was created in the 20th century. However, in the last 100 years, exclusively the winners have written history. Probably, there is no need to remind what right Armenia has based on the seizure of Azerbaijani lands. Otherwise, it would be necessary to listen again to Nicole Pashinyan, who spoke from the tribune of Munich about the logic of Armenian history and Stalin's eternal evil against them.

However, we are talking about more vital issues such as governments wait for the rights of Billy, Thomas Jefferson's political-philosophical manifesto, or the ideals of Martin Luther King, when winning the pandemic. 

Let us start with the first response from Henry Kissinger, 96 a world-famous old American diplomat. He acknowledged that the search for self-preservation was paramount in all parts of the world, and those strict sanctions and punitive policies were no alternative to national security. "So, it is not time to choose between the savior government and the millennial debate over the rule of law. We cannot solve this dilemma during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we need self-restraint: both in domestic and foreign policy."  

These are wise ideas. We are talking about the measures against the threats to the interests of the omnipotent United States, almost with a lecture by Soviet leaders. Then, when it comes to states-nations whose foundations of independence have just been laid, what extraordinary decisions are required to override individual human rights and freedoms.

Human rights centers once again put the ideological mold of the Soviet era and once again issued traditional declarations calling our country a "pandemic of excessive use of force against political rivals, narrowing of freedoms and civil rights, an opportunity to renounce international obligations." They claim that the US troops on the streets of New York go to the streets just to smile, do not consider themselves as victims of any racist or fascist tendencies, or in Belgium, Italy and other liberal countries where armed soldiers pay homage to doctors without Euronews' no comment segment. They describe their shots as reality. There is no need to prove the created picture. 

Does our country consist of only ten anarchists, and are they the only ones who take care of the global concerns of our secret service? If the authors of such a claim, representatives of Human Rights Watch, had been brought to Masazir Hospital for 14 days and subjected to social isolation, we would have been accused of lecturing during the 14th Louisiana period. After all, they are well aware that democracies do not protect against the virus. Those who say, "Those who sacrificed their freedom for security eventually lost both" have no information about the last 100 years of the Absheron Peninsula. The bloody bayonets of tsarism, the February bourgeois revolution and dualism, the ideals of the Republic and the hand-to-hand expansion of the British and Turks in Baku, the sickle-hammer proletarian dictatorship of the Red Army. In addition, “Freedom House”, “Amnesty International”, “Article 19”, and “Sarhadsiz reportyorlar” have the right to speak out when they punish those who take from us the 20 percent land fee paid for independence.

The pandemic has become a terrible test for states in the first place. The victims of the new war, which calls the people not to the trenches, but to the houses, are primarily the elites under great social pressure. He lost his first balance, became the Dutch Minister of Health with a high health index, followed by two high-ranking government officials in Ukraine, then the Minister of Arts, who resigned because of the quiet Australian fines, and the Romanian Health Minister, who still resisted tensions on the front lines. As an example of one of the elections, the Polish Deputy Prime Minister, and finally the Turkish minister, whose resignation was not accepted for the second time, and so on. Completing the list becomes more difficult as the days go by. However, it is Thomas Schaefer, the Minister of Finance of the German state of Hesse, who deliberately stopped, who committed suicide, having difficulty responding to the socio-economic challenges of his country. Merkel, who has endured many decades of hardship, said she was shocked by the news.

However, oil, known only 30 years ago as a source of instability and chaos, is calm in Baku, society obeys official decisions, understands, there are no food shortages despite occasional consumer-producer speculation, it is impossible to shake effective governance, and finally the country's leader acts as a unifying leader of political parties and social classes. How can it be that London, which changed all branches of government just a year ago and achieved national consolidation despite a resentful anti-elite and disgruntled economic groups, is the main economic guarantor of political stability in the face of growing pandemics in neighboring Iran and Russia? Ilham Aliyev can stand on his own two feet against the backdrop of news from the New York Stock Exchange.The answer is very simple: Ilham Aliyev represents stability and security, and those who disobey him represent chaos and anarchy. That is the only difference.

When announcing the mobilization against the pandemic, the president called on them to show solidarity and joint action, regardless of any political forces. Dozens of parties and movements, which are far from deceitful for the sake of objectivity, have written instructive pages for the history of our modern statehood, demonstrating their readiness for any support. It is not a question of the financial weight of these organizations in the list of assistance to the Struggle Fund. They set an example in conducting the right propaganda, in their answers to the public excitement and questions in different tribunes, or in providing impartial analysis only when drawing parallels between the world and Azerbaijan.

Therefore, our recent past has not forgotten the consequences of building a policy on the tragedies of the nation. The leaders of the Popular Front, who removed the bodies from Lachin and Shusha before that and brought the bodies of the soldiers to the Supreme Soviet building, established a kingdom on their shoulders and sentenced them to new funerals.

The president's calls for peace and dialogue, which he shared from a high seat in parliament, meant the will of the state for consensus. Creating an important component of decades-long national solidarity between political parties and institutions, launching a "New Course" instead of mutual accusations and hostility, could create a completely different political culture environment, which together with the problem could not be sought at home and find a solution within the country. Solution, as well as the distribution of responsibilities in the country and the distribution of powers at certain points.

It was possible to demonstrate a nation that had achieved great ideals with a united front, common goals and peace. It is worth recalling the attitude of Mikheil Saakashvili to the government of Ivanishvili-Gakharia, the eternal enemy of our national democracy, which sets an example for Georgia at every step. The leader of the National Movement is not afraid to say that the government's decisions are right, saying that today's enemy is not his opponents, but a pandemic, and he is not afraid of losing supporters. On the other hand, Mamuko Khazaradze, another rival of the Georgian Dream, who said, "There is no alternative to answering all the calls at the same table for national consolidation" is instructive. When we talk about sedentary democracies, the poorer image of our anti-government network comes to life. In Germany, all parliamentary factions have become a single party. The situation is similar in Belgium. There are dozens of examples.

All the idealists of the world consider the coronavirus pandemic to be the common enemy of humankind. However, our National Front thinks about it only a headache for the government and plans on the failure of the government, like thousands of scenes of opportunity inherited from the old history. On such days, no one cares about national-religious-racial-political affiliation, and the people forever judge behavioral identity. Whoever behaves will be remembered by that name. The transformation of a movement inherited from Elchibey into a nest of ignorance and hatred for five to ten people is a pre-pandemic political disease of modern Azerbaijan. It should be treated with vaccines of a completely different composition.

The recent war has shaken traditional social structures, global architectures, military-political alliances, and has been an opportunity to reshape domestic political relations, bitter lectures, al-Qaeda visions, and change attitudes. No one could call it a secret collaboration, a betrayal of the camp's ideals and a betrayal. Because each of the civilized nations encourages to move in a single trench under the open sun.

Obviously, politicians must play in public. Nevertheless, life is not the same with green space. The audience you gather at the expense of various information terrorisms cannot become a stable and strong army of supporters. For instance, if 150,000 people joined the call of radical religious elements and still consider themselves a revolutionary-democratic force six months ago and moved towards May 28, all transport arteries would be cut off and it would be difficult to decide the fate of the nation. However, on October 19 protests, which they boasted of, mobilizing all the disgruntled masses and finally stepping into the trenches where the leaders were thrown into battle, the number of people was as big as the fingers of one hand. This is not the case with the commanders who attack the palace.

Conclusion of the domestic usage of modern hybrid wars, fueled by misinformation, insults and street jargon, does not eliminate the environment that is the basis for potential civil strife and self-promotion. Any objective problem - for example, the tears of the neglected IDPs and the local family in the provinces, the crumbling walls, the starvation of their children - turns into a real red terror when it turns into political speculation.

Success achieved through uncensored language is sentenced to failure. We are in an environment of centrifugal intrigue, of writing rumors as reality and of informing the collapse of tsarism from within, of a separate alliance, of writing intelligence reports as journalistic investigations, of lynching various officials on screen.

The dynamics of the news about the presidents, the pace of contradiction is changing by the hour, and the network is full of neurolinguistic frauds that insult the ordinary moral standards of journalism. Months later, people with a stable opinion lose confidence in serious politics until the first person's health, claims that he will hand over power to the first vice president next week, and "credible information" receptions fail.

Although it is more "shocking" in contrast to the fact that the news is “below the belt with special headlines”, in the following days its influence melts against the background of the routine worries of life. Ali Karimli's constant use of information leaked to Ganimat Zahid, who owns all media outlets, to add credibility and credibility to his slanders, and his bringing witnesses from high-ranking officials are heartbreaking scenes that make the average Azerbaijani a victim of tricks. It is impossible not to see that the real policy they are pursuing is based only on such a parallel: why the Middle East or the Arab Spring has resulted in so many casualties, economic misery and the collapse of statehood that does not result in the transfer of power in oil Baku. If they thought deeply, they would find out for themselves what they had broken their heads. Is not it the answer that Italy, which has a different political system, or Angela Merkel, the leader of a great German nation that has managed to unite despite being divided twice in the last century, can be prime minister four times in one of the established democracies?

In Strasbourg or Brussels, the leader of a force that has been raised in house quarantine for years and is on a par with those who have been sent to us with weapons does not want to go out and recognize the land where his children live. Hundreds of families in Shamakhi, who were tested by the natural disaster, were not in the battle for their lives. It is not the job of those who specialize in tragedy to cover the lost future of people only 120 kilometers away from Baku with the suffering of another citizen, to seize the 80-year-old Saray from her grandmother.

The Popular Front of Azerbaijan is very dangerous. There were more or less people on the Front represented by Abulfaz Elchibey until the end of '92, and now a political movement that adds "P" to its abbreviation has, in fact, lost its showcase and organizational support, its national idea and returned to the tribal structures of the Middle East. The AXC ended with Elchibey, that page was closed on August 22 - the day of his death, and on that date, thousands of people shrugged under the coffin of the chairperson of the Front convinced that there was no longer a political unit in Khagani-33.You do not help someone like the party, you swallow the pain of a martyr or a disabled person for political gain, you are not responsible for anything, you are a carrier of democratic-liberal values ​​by constantly teaching people to blame and protest. Such is the spirit of Elchibey, who blocked the way of the National Front to Khagani Street. He was able to forgive himself with his love for the nation, in spite of all his administrative misdeeds.

The president is cracking down on large corruption networks and purging his team of carriers of anti-people activities that no political organization can afford.          Interestingly, then, to think that those who have built barricades against the plunderers of wealth for many years would automatically applaud the decisions of the First Person and act as supporters of a government where transparency and cleanliness are established. Nevertheless, the normal logic does not work here. The masses, shaken and outraged by the great crimes that have been uncovered, are once again given another goal: to stop the change at all costs, to sabotage the renewal that has begun. The fact that everything is left alone is in the best interests of those in the political battalions of the 1990s. A corrupt official is the best breadwinner of the basement opposition, which keeps itself in the national arena...

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II, not everyone who remembers the glorious pages of history will forget another page of those magnificent years. It is also a judgment of those who entered into an alliance with fascism and acted synchronously with the enemy front. The moral sterilization of people who wash their hands every day requires the Third Reich, which sanctioned Auschwitz. However, the government denies them this pleasure and the people who put their heads up for execution.

Even sanctioned nations are hand to each other. China and Russia are sending medical equipment in military camouflage to those who have vowed allegiance to the inviolability of the European Union and the inviolability of Schengen ideals, sending doctors to Milan and Madrid to deal with the threat. However, what are you doing? 

Existing only in the context of Ilham Aliyev, dedicating 10 hours of speeches a day only to the "First Person" is a complex of imperfections. People are outraged to see the current president's unparalleled leadership in public opinion, the love he has for his leader in the hearts of several people, and the portrait of a group of complainants heading for the capital, even in the face of shocking facts about the activities of the most odious official. After all, why is not the revolution of the 1990s and the popular uprising, in which the most diverse social classes united in a single movement, being repeated?

Therefore, your "Westernism" will expose us to territorial losses and new separatism, such as Ukraine. This time with 40 percent of the territory!

The Popular Front of Azerbaijan virtual platform does not comment on the separatist elections in Karabakh, does not respond to international complaints about the wounding of three Armenian citizens by our servicemen over regular ceasefire violations in the Gazakh military zone, and does not repeat the President's intellectual war in Sochi and Munich. In this case, the question arises - how many such forces in the world choose class-political enmity as their goal?

Because the budget allocations for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic are 2.5 billion manats, we all understand that except human tragedy, all families of martyrs, disabled people of Karabakh, other vulnerable groups, as well as education and health can be adequately allocated. In that case, it is not difficult to imagine the level of public sympathy and the mood of the population, the level of satisfaction with life. Therefore, as the protection of the lives of millions has become a matter of national security, the state has chosen a more difficult and expensive way. For the first time in history, such multibillion-dollar resources are taken separately to go through a critical period for a calendar period, and neither on January 20, nor during the Khojaly events, nor after that, national reserves were used to meet the people's vital needs. The giant comparisons do not correspond to any scientific logic or rational thinking, because it confronts two units with different histories of statehood and economic realities. However, the Azerbaijani leader acted as a virtuous head of state, saving his people with wisdom and confidence. On three national fronts - with Armenia, in the fight against the pandemic and its socio-economic consequences. Ali Karimli, who has been looking at the world through a 3-square-meter window in house quarantine for more than 20 years.

The president has established a new government. Now a new national opposition must be born!


Zahid Oruj, MP, Chairman of the Social Research Center



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