Azerbaijan's Embassy in Russia appeals citizens wishing to return to country

  19 April 2020    Read: 811

As it's known, in the framework of efforts to prevent the spread of a novel coronavirus infection, the state border between Azerbaijan and Russia was temporarily closed and a number of citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan were forced to stay in the Russian Federation, reports citing the Azerbaijani Embassy in Russia. 

According to the Embassy, to organize their return to their homeland on April 18 this year, the portal was launched. Here, citizens of Azerbaijan, passing online registration, receive an electronic queue, in accordance with which the dates of the return of our citizens to Azerbaijan are determined.

In this regard, the Embassy hotline receives numerous calls to help register. We inform you that from 10 a.m. April 18, 2020, the Embassy does not register citizens of Azerbaijan on this site. Each citizen intending to leave for Azerbaijan must PERSONALLY fill in the appropriate fields and receive his or her queue number.

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