Azerbaijan's Parliament ratifies international documents

  05 May 2020    Read: 849

A number of international documents have been ratified in Azerbaijan, reports.

The issue was brought up for discussion at the meeting of Azerbaijan’s Parliament on May 5.

The Parliament considered the issues of ratification of the Convention on the international exchange of publications; the protocol on amendments to the agreement on the procedure for transit through the territory of the CIS member states of June 4, 1999; the protocol on amendments to the agreement of October 8, 1999, on the procedure for customs clearance and customs control of goods, located in trade between countries that are parties to the agreement on the establishment of a free-trade zone; and the protocol on the protection of industrial designs of the Eurasian Patent Convention (EAPO) from September 9, 1994.

After discussions, the documents were put to a vote and ratified.

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