Azerbaijani parliament amends rules for issuance of e-visa to tourists

  20 May 2020    Read: 964
  Azerbaijani parliament amends rules for issuance of e-visa to tourists

In connection with the issuance of electronic visas (e-visas) to tourists, the law on tourism has been amended in Azerbaijan.

This issue was discussed at plenary meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament held on May 19.

The current legislation states that the application for the issuance of the e-visa is considered within three days, in case of acceleration of its receipt no later than within three hours, and if there is no reason for refusal, the visa is issued and sent to the applicant’s email address.

Information on the refusal to issue a visa is also sent to the applicant’s email.

The new project implies that the application for obtaining a single-entry or multiple-entry e-visa is considered within three working days at the latest, in the case of applying for expedited obtaining a single-entry e-visa - within three hours, and when applying for a single-entry electronic visa at international airports in Azerbaijan - in real time.

If there are no reasons for refusal, the visa shall be issued in a manner established by the relevant executive authority.

Amendments to the law proceed from the requirements of the Regulation on the ASAN Visa system, approved by decree of Azerbaijan’s President dated October 20, 2016.

After discussions, the amendment was put to a vote and adopted on third reading.



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