Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan issues new decision regarding coronavirus

  29 May 2020    Read: 863
 Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan issues new decision regarding coronavirus

The Cabinet of Ministers has made a decision “about requirements related to use of personal equipment protecting breathing passages during special quarantine regime”, reports.

In order to prevent massive spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic, the personal equipment protecting respiratory passages (medical mask, fabric mask, respirator, etc.) should be used in following places by keeping social distancing (1.5-2 meters distance between people): 

1.1 in vehicles used in intercity (inter-district) and city (district) passenger transport (bus, taxi, metro, railway transport and others);

1.2 in markets, in closed catering, trade and service facilities (except for cases when, depending on the services provided in such facilities, withdrawal of the means protecting the respiratory tracts is necessary);

1.3 in places provided for the reception and servicing of citizens in state bodies (structures);

1.4 in areas of the buildings owned by individuals and legal entities and used for customer service;

1.5 in offices with an open area and production sites;

1.6 in enclosed spaces considered to be historical and cultural monuments, in scientific and health care institutions, social, cultural and other similar objects;

1.7. in queue at public transport stops, in front of ticket offices, ATMs and payment terminals, trade and service points;

1.8. in other cases when it is impossible to keep social distance in public places in the open air, where people gather and have close contact.

2.0. Wearing individual means that protect respiratory tract does not replace other protective measures (hygiene, social distance and others) against the new type of coronavirus infection COVID-19, and the implementation of these measures should be continued.

3. Violation of the requirements of the first part of this decision entails prosecution in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses of Azerbaijan.

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