Azerbaijan tightens quarantine regime - OFFICIAL

  03 June 2020    Read: 1484
 Azerbaijan tightens quarantine regime -  OFFICIAL

"There has been an increase in coronavirus infection. The difference between those infected and recovered is huge. This has created a new situation in the fight against coronavirus. The main reason is that citizens do not comply with the requirements of the quarantine regime", Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers Ibrahim Mammadov said at a briefing of the Operational Headquarters under Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers, reports on June 3.

"Therefore, the issue of the suspension of the process of easing the restrictions and the re-introduction of strict measures of the quarantine regime is being discussed," Mammadov added. "In this regard, the relevant structures appealed to the Operational Headquarters."

"Perhaps, the movement may be completely limited from Friday evening on June 5 until Monday morning on June 8 and the working hours may be limited," Mammadov said.

"Shops may also close. In this regard, the Azerbaijani prime minister will deliver speech on June 4. The further details will be provided."

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