Awesome music project - `Sing For Karabakh`

  30 June 2015    Read: 6246
Awesome music project - `Sing For Karabakh` presents “Sing for Karabakh 1” (Qarabağ Üçün Oxu) – the Azerbaijani version of the “Playing for Change”. The project is carried out under the slogan - “let’s unite our voices for Karabakh”.

150 professionals and amateur musicians joined their efforts and played for Karabakh.

The project participants sang three songs: “Durnalar” (Cranes), “Qarabağ” (Karabakh) and “Yaşa, Azərbaycan”(Long Live Azerbaijan). Besides, participants from 7 foreign countries joined the Project.

Head of the Project is Vusal Mammadov, editor in chief of; Art director and arranger is Ramal Resul, well known singer; Editor is Elvin Rustamzadeh; Picture editor is Azer Hasanov, Coordinators are Yagub Ilyasov and Gulsum Majidova.

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