Unemploiment mounts in ?ran

  30 August 2013    Read: 334
Unemploiment mounts in ?ran
Iran will face a population of around 8.5 million unemployed in the near future, the Mehr News Agency quoted Iranian Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ali Tayyebnia as saying.

For the time being some 3.5 people are jobless in the country, he said, adding that the figure will soar to 8.5 million because a large number of educated youth will graduate from universities soon and seek jobs.

Previously, Tayyebnia said that low economic growth rate is currently the main challenge to the national economy.
Tayyebnia referred to high unemployment as another serious concern.

The ministry will focus on improving the living standards through curbing inflation and encouraging businesses, he stated.

The number of jobless in Iran has increased by 270,000 over the past eight years (March 2005-March 2013).

According to statistics released by the Statistical Centre of Iran, the number of jobless rose from 2,674,866 during the Iranian calendar year 1384 (March 2005-March 2006) to 2,944,158 in the Iranian calendar year 1391 (March 2012-March 2013).
This is while some six million workers in Iran receive the lowest salary set by the labour ministry.

The Central Bank of Iran has recently reported that the country`s gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate excluding the oil sector was 3.2 per cent in the Iranian calendar year 1390 which ended in March 2012, ISNA reported.

This is while the Statistical Centre of Iran had put the figure at three per cent.

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