Internal political tensions continue in Armenia - Pashinyan

  25 November 2020    Read: 291
  Internal political tensions continue in Armenia - Pashinyan

Internal political tensions continue in Armenia, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told TASS. 

Armenian PM noted that despite the tensions, the calls made by the opposition did not receive widespread support in Armenian society.

He also noted that most people, even himself, are not satisfied with the current situation but there was no other choice.

"To be honest, we are all dissatisfied with the situation. However, we must understand which alternatives we have. We must try not to aggravate but stabilize and improve the situation.The Armenian society contends that there is no better real alternative for us in the situation where this document was signed. In my view, this is the understanding of the signed document by the Armenian society.” 

As for his opponents' calls regarding early parliamentary elections, Pashinyan emphasized the need to focus on other tasks, first of all, the restoration of political and economic stability and security in the country. 

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