"Pashinyan failed and openly lies" - Armenian political scientist

  30 November 2020    Read: 387
 "Pashinyan failed and openly lies" - Armenian political scientist

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan failed in the negotiations and now openly lies, Armenian political scientist Karen Bekaryan told reporters, AzVision.az reports citing the Armenian media. 

“Whom does he consider as idiot? Doesn’t he understand what he makes the comparison with? "Bekaryan said, commenting on Pashinyan’s statement on Facebook.

The political scientist also touched upon Pashinyan’s views on the stalemate in the Karabakh issue until 2018 and the unconditional return of the territories as the only solution: “This is another blatant lie, because he personally complicated the negotiation process. Azerbaijan has improved its positions along the border, including Nakhchivan. However, you did nothing because you couldn't. For more than a year, we have been explaining to our society that such negligent agreements are temporary, even if they save lives, because the other side prepares.”

Second, without any consultation he disrupted the entire negotiation process by saying that he could not represent Nagorno-Karabakh. Third, he said "Karabakh is Armenia and the point." The entire diplomatic corps and state apparatus were paralyzed. In this situation, what did the diplomat have to rely on, why did we fight? No solid statement was made. The newly appointed foreign minister says we have been defeated in military field, not in diplomatic field. Commenting on Pashinyan’s statement on Shusha, Bekaryan said: "His text should be sent to psychiatrists, because the person who destroyed the country, refused the territories and caused so many death is now fighting for himself."

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