Azerbaijan identifies measures to create green energy zone

  29 July 2021    Read: 297
Azerbaijan identifies measures to create green energy zone

Measures to create a ‘green energy zone’ in Azerbaijan have been identified at the fifth meeting of the Working Group on the zone in connection with the preparation of the relevant strategy, chaired by the ministry’s head Parviz Shahbazov, the Ministry of Energy told

At the meeting, the directions of activities of relevant strategic sub-objectives and the final version of the draft strategy were reviewed.

“We determined the base and target indicators on strategic goals, as well as eliminated cross-sections with documents of other working groups,” the ministry said. “Besides, measures such as improving the legislative and regulatory framework for the creation of the ‘green energy zone’, increasing the use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, the introduction of ecologically clean vehicles and other green technologies were determined by taking into account global tendencies and local conditions.”

“Confidence was expressed that the successful outcomes in the field of using ‘green energy’ in our country were obtained as a result of these measures,” added the ministry.

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