Azerbaijan takes institutional measures on green energy - minister

  26 July 2022    Read: 366
Azerbaijan takes institutional measures on green energy - minister

Azerbaijan takes institutional steps in the field of green energy, Minister Mikayil Jabbarov said in an interview with Azerbaijan Television (AZTV) channel, reports.

"When President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev created a specialized state agency for this, few countries planned to implement projects in the field of renewable energy in the region," Jabbarov noted.

Jabbarov stated that the state has invested funds, created approaches and frameworks, and explored ways to integrate with traditional energy.

"When such foreign investors as Masdar, Aqua Power, bp or other energy companies operating in Azerbaijan apply to us, we conduct not abstract, but substantive negotiations with them," the minister explained.

Besides, he noted that Azerbaijan made an important decision this year not to be limited to foreign investments in the renewable energy sector.

"Our state-owned companies, primarily SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan), and if appropriate decisions are made at the next stage, Azerenergy, can invest in this sector. Azerbaijan supports and encourages participation of state-owned companies as investors," he said.

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