Saakashvili hopeful youth will never live in armenized Georgia

  14 October 2013    Read: 269
Saakashvili hopeful youth will never live in armenized Georgia
President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili hopes that young generation of Georgia will live "neither in Eurasian Union not in an Armenized Georgia", but in Europe.
On Saturday, Saakashvili made the following statement at a presidential library named after himself which is still under construction, reports.

Along with the President, Georgian diplomat Gela Charkviani whom Saakashvili has called his teacher and awarded him with the Order of St. George for educating many generations in the spirit of ideals of freedom and democracy, also visited the library.

“He (Gela Charkviani) has raised up many generation in the spirit of freedom, democracy and liberalism even at a time when these words were very dangerous and unfashionable in the country where we lived and where you did not have to live,” Saakashvili added.

“I hope you will never live in this country or in the Eurasian Union and any country with armeniazed foreign policy. We all will live in Europe,” he assured the young people who had gathered at the library under construction.

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