France to withdraw its troops from Burkina Faso within a month

  26 January 2023    Read: 270
  France to withdraw its troops from Burkina Faso within a month

France will withdraw its troops from Burkina Faso within a month, local media reported Wednesday, reports citing Anadolu Agency. 

Burkina Faso on Monday requested that France withdraw its military, which was deployed to help local forces battle insurgents linked to the al-Qaeda and Daesh/ISIS terrorist organizations.

The West African country said it has decided to end a military pact that allowed the presence of French troops because it is in line with the transition government’s vision for the Burkinabe people to defend their country.

It noted, however, that the request does not mean the end of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

A French diplomatic source revealed that the request regarding the agreement of 2018 on the status of the French forces in the country will take effect next month, French radio broadcaster Europe 1 reported.

"We will respect the terms of the agreement and proceed with the request," the source said.

Relations between France and Burkina Faso have been low since soldiers seized control of the African country in September last year.

Several demonstrations have been reported against the French military presence in the country on perceptions that it has been ineffective against the terrorism that has been raging in the country since 2015.

Previously, authorities in Burkina Faso also demanded "a new interlocutor" to replace the French ambassador.

France maintains 400 special forces based in the country.

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