Ukraine war: Zelensky's government launches anti-corruption drive

  27 January 2023    Read: 329
Ukraine war: Zelensky

It's been a political reshuffle with a difference.

At the time of typing this, 11 officials have either resigned or been sacked as Kyiv tries to tackle government corruption.

It's led to some politicians in the US calling for aid to Ukraine to be restricted.

President Volodymyr Zelensky is trying to quickly restore public faith, but the allegations are serious, and the timing is bad.

Several claims have surfaced thanks to Mykhaylo Tkach, an investigative journalist for the news website Ukrayinska Pravda.

He has recently reported that the company of a senior official's personal trainer allegedly received millions of pounds since the full-scale invasion, as well as a story about President Zelensky's deputy head of office.

Kyrylo Tymoshenko quit two months after Tkach reported that he'd moved his family to the mansion of a well-known property developer.

The journalist also published footage which appeared to show the official driving an expensive Porsche for a few months.

Mr Tymoshenko has denied doing anything wrong.

"Quite often, with MPs and officials, if the source of their money isn't clear, they register assets to people close to them," explains Tkach.



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