Caucasus Muslims Office issues statement over terrorist attack Azerbaijan's embassy in Iran 

  27 January 2023    Read: 284
Caucasus Muslims Office issues statement over terrorist attack Azerbaijan

The Caucasus Muslims Office (CMO) has released a statement, where it strongly condemned the terrorist attack on Azerbaijan's embassy in Iran committed on January 27, 2023, the CMO told reporters.

"The brutal terrorist attack on Azerbaijan's embassy is unequivocally directed against our country and runs counter to international law. We extend deep condolences to the family of Senior Lieutenant Orkhan Asqarov, who died while ensuring the embassy's security, and wish a speedy recovery to the embassy security guard who suffered during the bloody attack," said the Office.

As the Office noted, following international law and diplomatic law, Iran is responsible for the attack on the embassy. This infringed upon the principle of inviolability of diplomatic missions. In accordance with the Vienna Convention of 1961, the host country is obliged to ensure the security of diplomatic missions and their employees.

"As a religious institution, we declare that the country supplying military aid to Armenia, which transformed mosques into pigsties, committed the Khojaly genocide, forced a million Azerbaijanis to leave their native lands – is a direct threat to the national interests of Azerbaijan. Unlike other Muslim countries, which didn't establish political and diplomatic relations with the aggressor-country and made statements condemning the occupation, Iran further enhanced all-inclusive cooperation with Armenia, thus ignoring the resolutions adopted within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)," the Office noted.

The forces behind the provocations against Azerbaijan should know that the Azerbaijani Muslims condemn incitement and other actions directed against our country.

The attack on the Azerbaijani embassy is an unacceptable provocation, and Azerbaijan demands that the Iranian government take the necessary measures and urgently punish perpetrators of this crime, the Office said.

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