Israeli experts speak up about the terror act at the embassy | Exclusive

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  Israeli experts speak up about the terror act at the embassy |   Exclusive

‘There may be two versions regarding why the ruthless terrorist attack took place at the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran. The first is that the terror act was committed by brainless Iranian fanatics, full of hatred for Azerbaijan. This is still the best possible option.’

Israeli political analyst, Michael Finkel , shared his views with He believes this option does not produce enough reason to consider Iran a country that knows nothing about premeditated terror acts, cannot do anything to prevent them from happening or is unable to provide the safety of diplomatic missions.

‘The second version is worse and more tragic. The Iranian authorities were aware of the terrorist attack and allowed it deliberately. Since everyone knows of the history of Iran, which is involved in sponsoring terrorist acts through the Houthis in the Middle East, terrorists in Africa, or the Hezbollah dogs in Lebanon or Syria, the second option , Tehran’s complicity in this hideous crime, is highly probable, Finkel elaborated.

Zeev Hanin , Professor at Ariel University, believes that the events at the Azerbaijani diplomatic mission in Iran should be viewed in the general context of relations formed within the Baku-Tehran-Jerusalem triangle . He told that Israel and Azerbaijan are strategic partners. Azerbaijan supplies Israel with oil and oil products, and Israel procures Azerbaijan with various weaponry. Both countries are busy developing technological and humanitarian projects. Most importantly, there is security cooperation, which makes Iran extremely uncomfortable. Azerbaijan has formal diplomatic relations with Iran, although these two countries have the deepest disagreements in their relations.

‘Azerbaijanis constitute the vast majority of the population in North-West Iran. They are the second largest ethnic group in the country after Iranians and the biggest national minority. Azerbaijanis are not interested in harming their compatriots there. On the other hand, they must also think about their national security, the expert said.

The Israeli professor thinks that Tehran tries to avert the attention of its people to foreign matters, considering their own internal problems, instability, economic crisis, and serious pressure from the West: ‘Iran actively and openly promotes enmity towards Israel and anti-Semitism. Tehran condemns Baku for its rapport with Jerusalem. They have already launched the demonstration of power. Iran’s military exercises on the border with Azerbaijan are a clear illustration of this . Iran is also activating the employment of ethnic religious separatism to destabilize Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan-Israel friendship is making Iran seriously angry.’

Vladimir Mesamed , Professor of Persian at Hebrew University Institute of Practical Oriental Studies in Jerusalem, recalled that this was not Iran’s first attack on diplomatic missions:

‘Years ago, Iranians tried to attack the Israeli embassy in Baku. An Iranian citizen, suspected of attacking the Israeli embassy and the employees at the mission, was arrested in Azerbaijan in 2013 . Azerbaijani operatives discovered a detailed plan of attack on the employees of the Israeli embassy in Baku during their investigation. I am sure there were even more attempts as such. And we are thus left with the question of who would benefit the most from this.

The expert says that all this is related to the current tension in Iran, such as the lack of a nuclear program agreement between Tehran and intermediary countries, the miserable economic situation in Iran and the mass protests in the country. Moreover, Tehran is highly irritated by the relations between Baku and Israel. Iranians are actively trying to prevent the development of Azerbaijan-Israel relations.

‘Crucial events took place in the bilateral relations before the terrorist attack. The countries decided to launch the embassy of Azerbaijan in Iran. Secondly, Baku recently hosted the regional conference of Israeli ambassadors in European countries. Around 30 Israeli diplomats employed in post-Soviet countries and the Balkans, and the employees of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the event. Baku is turning into a certain hub for the development of regional policy. Iran is getting more and more irritated. The Azerbaijan-Iran relations may be seriously revised after what happened at the embassy’, Mesamed concluded.


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