Armenian should leave Azerbaijani territories peacefully, recommends Latvia's military expert

  02 June 2023    Read: 757
 Armenian should leave Azerbaijani territories peacefully, recommends Latvia

"Russia exploits the CSTO and the CIS to affect and control former Soviet republics concentrating on its imperial dreams. Azerbaijan and Armenia are no exception. The Kremlin very skillfully takes advantage of the separatist mood in the individual republics to impact this situation. In some cases, Russia controls their potential and earns some political dividends",  Einars Graudins, a military expert and a retired officer of the Latvian armed forces told 

Einars Graudins stated that it is logical to destroy the structures that serve Russia's interests in the post-Soviet space while commenting on the Russian aggression to Ukraine.

Graudins believes that those, who consider the CIS and the CSTO as structures capable of resolving conflicts, make a mistake:"When it comes to any situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia, everything is very simple. In the past 30 years, the Kremlin tried to use Armenian separatism with the aim of gaining political and economic dividends".

"It is clear that Russian peacekeepers are not solving anything. In a global arena, no one takes Russia's "peacekeeping efforts" seriously. Therefore, I recommend the Armenians withdraw from the rest of the Azerbaijani territories as well. They should leave the territories without destroying anything. I am sure the Azerbaijani side will allow them to leave peacefully. Then the agreement on the state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia should be signed. It is essential to forget some pseudo-state created in Karabakh. Armenia must admit that it made a mistake and it cost them dearly. The world will understand Armenia's actions. I wish Azerbaijan and Armenia a peaceful atmosphere", Graudins added.


Samir Valiyev

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