Azerbaijan’s Combined Arms Army holds commander training classes - VIDEO

  06 June 2023    Read: 409
  Azerbaijan’s Combined Arms Army holds commander training classes -   VIDEO

In order to improve the knowledge and skills of commanders and deputy commanders of battalions and batteries in the art of war, unit management, and making the right decisions while fulfilling combat tasks, commander training classes were conducted in Azerbaijan's Combined Arms Army, the country's Defense Ministry told 

The officers participated in practical classes on the topics "Methods of instructing military personnel assigned to guard duty in the guard town", and "Organization and conduct of live-fire tactical exercises with artillery batteries", as well as performed shooting exercises by the use of small arms.

During the classes, the officers watched the special forces units’ activities on overcoming the scout trail and capturing enemy facilities located at high grounds.

Lectures on law, logistics, protection of state secrets, and moral-psychological training were given during the theoretical classes held at the Training and Educational Center.

At the end of the classes held in accordance with the Combined Arms Army’s combat training plan for 2023, the officers were given relevant instructions on managing units and improving combat readiness.

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