Armenian PM flies six hours to Granada but he can't fly for two to three hours to Bishkek - Azerbaijani President 

  11 October 2023    Read: 458
  Armenian PM flies six hours to Granada but he can

“On October 12, a day later, at the suggestion of the Russian side, a meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia was to be held in Bishkek. We perceive the mediation of the Russian Federation with gratitude, because Russia is our neighbor and ally, as well as Armenia's ally. This country is located in our region, unlike those who are thousands of kilometers away. Naturally, the history of relations between our countries naturally presupposes the mediation of the Russian side,” said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as he met with the participants of the 53rd meeting of the Council of Heads of Security Agencies and Special Services of the CIS member countries, reports.

“We took this proposal positively, and our foreign minister was ready to meet with his Russian and Armenian colleagues. Unfortunately, the Armenian side refused to attend that meeting. Now the question arises: does Armenia want peace? I think not, because if it had wanted peace, it would not have missed this opportunity. The Armenian prime minister flies six hours to Granada, participates in an incomprehensible meeting there, where Azerbaijan is discussed without actually being present, but he can't fly for two to three hours to Bishkek, he has other important things to do. This is what we all have to say openly. Everyone can see that it, but we should talk about it and proceed from it,” the head of state pointed out.

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