Lukashenko: Belarus prepares for war

  02 April 2024    Read: 514
Lukashenko: Belarus prepares for war

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko declared during a working trip to Grodno that Belarus is actively preparing for war, as reported by the state news agency “Belta.”

“Trust no one who claims we desire war. We are preparing for war, and I speak candidly about it. ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’ – I didn’t invent that. It’s a very accurate statement,” stated Lukashenko.

According to him, Belarus is readying relevant units, and various types of weapons and equipment are being supplied to the military.

“If anyone from there [unfriendly countries] yells and criticizes us, know this: we are doing the right thing. If they start praising us, it’s trouble,” Lukashenko remarked.

He further emphasized that Belarus poses no threat to anyone: “We don’t need to threaten anyone. We don’t want someone else’s land. May we be granted the opportunity to cultivate our own.”

The Lukashenko regime consistently supports Moscow in all international votes, whether condemning the illegal annexations of Ukrainian territories or calling for compensation to Ukraine for Russian aggression.

Belarus has provided its territory for the Russian Armed Forces, a move confirmed by the country’s authorities.

Belarusian propaganda echoes and disseminates falsehoods about the “staging in Bucha,” “Nazis,” and “dirty bomb,” demonizing the Ukrainian people and justifying Russian military crimes.

In essence, Lukashenko fulfills the expectations placed upon him by the Kremlin.

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