Moscow calls on Armenian leadership not to be deceived by West

  06 April 2024    Read: 1070
  Moscow calls on Armenian leadership not to be deceived by West

Moscow is urging Yerevan not to be deceived by the West and lead Armenia astray, said the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement dedicated to the EU-US-Armenia high-level meeting, reports citing TASS. 

Moscow considers "the EU-US-Armenia high-level meeting held in Brussels on April 5, 2024 as another attempt of the collective West to drag the South Caucasus into geopolitical confrontation" the ministry said.

"The extra-regional forces’ irresponsible and destructive interference in the South Caucasus, the urge to drive a wedge between the regional nations and their neighbors may have rather negative repercussions for stability, security and economic growth in the region, to trigger new dividing lines, as well as an uncontrolled escalation of tensions."

"Obviously, the West seeks to turn Armenia into a tool implementing their extremely dangerous schemes in the South Caucasus," the Russian Foreign Ministry said. "We are aware that under ephemeral promises, Washington and Brussels seek Armenia’s exit from the CSTO and EAEU, the pullout of the Russian military base and border guards," the statement said.

"We are urging the leadership in Yerevan not to be deceived by the West and lead the country along a wrong path, fraught with creating a security vacuum, serious problems in the economy and the outflow of the population," the ministry said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said "the West has not abandoned the attempts to destroy the fundamental basis of Armenian-Azerbaijani normalization, namely a package of the 2020-2022 trilateral statements between the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, which provides for the measures to relieve transport and economic ties, delimitate the border, draw up a peace treaty, and boost confidence through contact of public figures and experts."

"It was under Washington and Brussels’ pressure that official Yerevan suspended the implementation of the mentioned agreements, when the parties were close to mutually acceptable solutions on many of them, in particular, on lifting the reciprocal transport blockade," the statement said. "Moscow remains ready to offer any possible assistance so as to achieve long-awaited peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia."

The regional and bilateral problems in the South Caucasus "should be resolved in accordance with the principle of ‘regional responsibility’ adopted during the second meeting of the 3+3 consultative platform on October 23, 2023 in Tehran, where Armenia was also present."

"We urge external players to respect these agreements, and Yerevan to take into account the concerns of neighboring states when building their foreign policy," the ministry said.

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