EU Parliament's committee member comments on structure's biased position regarding Azerbaijan

  29 April 2024    Read: 488
EU Parliament

Chairman of the Azerbaijani Parliament's Committee on International Relations and Interparliamentary Ties Samad Seyidov received the member of the European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism Tomasz Piotr Poreba, the Press and Public Relations department of the Azerbaijani Parliament said, reports.

During the conversation, Seyidov noted that several MPs of the European Parliament represent the interests of lobby groups rather than European voters. He also stated that the European Parliament's April 25 resolution on the issue of civil society and human rights in Azerbaijan, which is far from objective, was adopted on the basis of false information. It was emphasized that this unjustified decision is not only a blatant embodiment of allegations against the country but also a clear example of double standards. Referring to the fact that the true reasons for dirty political actions against Azerbaijan are well known, the Committee Chairman emphasized that no forces will be able to put pressure on us and that our country will continue to pursue an independent policy of peace and equal, mutually beneficial cooperation.

Poreba spoke about the goals of his visit. Referring to his visit to the town of Shusha liberated from occupation one and a half years ago during his first visit to Azerbaijan, he touched upon the current trends in the region and prospects for further development, expressing satisfaction with the positive results of the negotiations on the delimitation between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Noting Azerbaijan's important economic and geographical location, he touched upon our country's ties with the European Union and expressed his opinion on the need to further deepen the EU's cooperation with Azerbaijan, the leading country of the South Caucasus region, in many spheres, including such important segments as energy, environment, transportation, and logistics.

Condemning the European Parliament's biased and double-standard-based position on Azerbaijan, Poreba considered this position an unfair and illogical step. Noting the importance of solving the emerging issues not through pressure but only through cooperation and equal dialog, the Member of the European Parliament emphasized that Azerbaijan is a reliable partner of the EU, and this cooperation should be continued in the future.

During the meeting, committee member Tural Ganjaliyev talked about mutually beneficial cooperation between Azerbaijan and the European Union, noting that the country is interested in deepening cooperation with the EU in the field of transportation and logistics.

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