Armenian police detain 240 protesters demanding PM Pashinyan's ouster 

  27 May 2024    Read: 368
Armenian police detain 240 protesters demanding PM Pashinyan

Some 240 protesters supporting the "Tavush in the Name of Motherland" movement have been detained in Yerevan as of 11:30 on May 27, as follows from the statement by the Armenian police press service, reports citing the Armenian media. 

The ongoing political turmoil in Armenia was followed by the agreement with Azerbaijan to a border demarcation that involves Armenia returning four villages internationally recognised as Azerbaijani territories. This move has angered many Armenians, particularly those who feel the government gave up territory without proper guarantees.

The protests also represent a broader dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Some Armenians believe his handling of the conflict with Azerbaijan has been weak, and they are demanding his resignation.

The "Tavush in the Name of Motherland" movement specifically focuses on the Tavush region, where some residents fear the border changes will restrict access to their land and leave them vulnerable.

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