Azerbaijan's Shusha hosts International Conference on Leadership and Diplomacy

  05 June 2024    Read: 535

The International Conference on Leadership and Diplomacy, organized within the "Shusha - OIC Youth Capital 2024" international program, is being held in Shusha city, reports.

The conference participants, including government officials, delegations from the Youth Forum of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and OIC member countries, senior officials from various organizations, and youth representatives, were introduced to prospects for the development of leadership and diplomacy in the modern world.

The conference featured panel discussions on key aspects of cooperation between states, issues of strengthening youth leadership, and its role in international diplomacy.

The participants discussed the challenges facing youth in the field of leadership as well as ways to jointly address global issues.

An important aspect of the conference was the exchange of experience and best practices in the field of leadership development among youth from various OIC member countries.

To note, the international program "Shusha – OIC Youth Capital 2024" was launched on June 4 and implemented in cooperation with the OIC Youth Forum and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan.

The OIC Youth Forum annually selects a "Youth Capital" from the cities of the organization's member countries and organizes international events in that city throughout the year.

The 11th meeting of the Executive Council of the OIC Youth Forum unanimously chose the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, Shusha city, as the 10th host of the International Program of the OIC "Youth Capital 2024".





The event, organized in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 17, 2024, declaring Shusha as the "Youth Capital" of the OIC for 2024, was attended by government officials, delegations from the OIC Youth Forum, member countries of the OIC, leading figures from various organizations and structures, and over 150 youth representatives from 36 countries.

With the participation of many high-ranking leaders and youth from OIC member countries, events such as the "International Conference on Leadership and Diplomacy" and "Islamic Youth Talks for Peace and Harmony" will be organized.

The program will involve cooperation with global and national institutions and organizations and projects focusing on educational, social, sports, intercultural dialogue, youth leadership, skill enhancement, and other areas.

The events will continue until June 6.

The OIC International Youth Capital program was adopted at the OIC Foreign Ministers Conference in Kuwait in May 2015. The initiative was supported by the foreign ministers of 56 OIC member countries, and the first "Youth Capital" of the OIC was Istanbul, Türkiye. Shusha is the 10th city in the Islamic world to undertake this mission. In October 2023, at the 11th Executive Council Meeting of the OIC Youth Forum, the city of Shusha, the pearl of Karabakh, was declared the "Youth Capital" of the OIC for 2024.

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