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  10 June 2024    Read: 520
Interests behind attack on SOCAR

Who can attack SOCAR's office in Istanbul? In Türkiye, it can only be related to Iran, known as an active force in this regard. They do not even obey Saladin Ozgunduz, the leader of the Shiites in Türkiye. They are also not interested in whether the order given by Iran complies with religion. 

The Iranian forces were silent and halted their similar activities in Türkiye. When Azerbaijan's SOCAR acquired a 3% stake in the SARB and Umm Lulu concession offshore Abu Dhabi from ADNOC, the attack occured in SOCAR's Istanbul office. Earlier, there was an increase in anti-Azerbaijani content on two media platforms in Türkiye. 

No one confirms the belonging of these 3 islands to Iran except Tehran. The most recent position belongs to China. Despite the fact that Iran starves its population, helps Armenia, and spends nearly a billion dollars to ensure the military and political security of Armenians, even Yerevan does not confirm belonging of those three islands to Iran. 

The activities of Baku are in compliance with the national concept of 'Azerbaijan without enemies'. In accordance with this concept, there should be no enemies in our neighborhood. The enemy is only Armenia, which has understood everything and tends to cooperate with Azerbaijan within the regional integration. Everything will be done to be friends with Iran as well. There will be no enemies called “Iran” in the neighborhood of Azerbaijan. This is unequivocal.

Iran sees SOCAR as Azerbaijan's Second Army. Armenians once called President Ilham Aliyev's policy of strengthening Azerbaijanis around Armenia the 'Anaconda loop'. Ilham Aliyev's successful policy greatly encouraged Azerbaijanis in Georgia, Anadolu and Iran. In particular, this can be seen clearly in the example of Azerbaijanis in Georgia. Now, according to Iran, Ilham Aliyev is circulating Iran through the 'Second Army' - SOCAR. Deposits were acquired in the UAE, principled issues for SOCAR's activities in Iraq were agreed, and a memorandum was signed. Concrete contracts are also being prepared. Azerbaijan will work with Iraqi Turkmen via SOCAR. Now Iran sees SOCAR as President Ilham Aliyev's 'Anaconda loop'. However, this concern is out of place. The best of all is that Iran becomes a friend of Azerbaijan. 

Mubariz Ahmadoglu

Director of Political Innovation and Technology Center 

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