Heatwave in Mexico claims over 150 fatalities since March

  21 June 2024    Read: 819
Heatwave in Mexico claims over 150 fatalities since March

Mexico has registered 155 deaths associated with high temperatures since March, with 30 in the past week alone, the government said, AzVision.az reports citing AFP.

At least 2,567 people have suffered heat-related illnesses so far this warm season, which started mid-March and will continue until the beginning of October, the health secretariat said in a weekly report.

A dozen Mexican cities broke heat records in May, with an all-time high of 34.7 degrees Celsius recorded in Mexico City on May 25.
At the same time, dozens of howler monkeys dropped dead from the trees in southern Mexico as temperatures rose.

Several dams also fell to critical levels, though in some regions Tropical Storm Alberto brought welcome rains this week.

A study released Thursday by the World Weather Attribution (WWA) said the deadly heat that blanketed the United States, Mexico and Central America in May and June was made 35 times more likely by global warming.

Mexico's health ministry has warned that most of the country will continue experiencing hot temperatures.



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