London hospitals hackers publish stolen blood test data

  21 June 2024    Read: 823
London hospitals hackers publish stolen blood test data

A gang of cyber criminals causing huge disruption to multiple London hospitals has published sensitive data stolen from an NHS blood testing company.

Overnight on Thursday, Qilin shared almost 400GB of the private information on their darknet site.

The gang has been trying to extort money from NHS provider Synnovis since they hacked the firm on 3 June.

Qilin previously told the BBC they would publish the data unless they got paid.

A sample of the data seen by the BBC includes patient names, dates of birth, NHS numbers and descriptions of blood tests. It is not known if test results are also in the data.

There are also business account spreadsheets detailing financial arrangements between hospitals and GP services and Synnovis.

NHS England told the BBC it was aware of the publication but could not be completely sure the shared data was real.

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