NATO to launch new structures to coordinate aid to Ukraine

  27 June 2024    Read: 746
NATO to launch new structures to coordinate aid to Ukraine

NATO will offer Ukraine a new headquarters to manage its military assistance at the upcoming summit in Washington to mark NATO's 75th anniversary.

This will guarantee the alliance's long-term commitment to the security of the country, which has been heralded as a "bridge" to Kyiv's eventual membership, reports citing US media.

According to US and NATO officials, the alliance will announce that it has agreed to establish a mission in Germany to coordinate any long-term assistance to Ukraine. The move should send a strong signal of allied commitment to both Kyiv and Moscow, which hopes the West will tire of supporting the war.

Because the mission will operate under NATO auspices, it is designed to function even if Donald Trump, a sharp critic of the alliance and aid to Ukraine, wins the US presidential election in November.

The Biden administration and NATO officials have floated the idea as a way to give Kyiv something solid at the summit, even though they argue that the time for Ukraine to join is not yet ripe.

It's not just that the country is still at war, which could make NATO an active participant in the fighting. President Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have said that Ukraine must make important reforms to reduce corruption and strengthen democracy and the rule of law.

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