No Employment Problems: Business opportunities for returnees to Fuzuli

  02 July 2024    Read: 832
 No Employment Problems: Business opportunities for returnees to Fuzuli

Employment opportunities for returnees to Fuzuli has been one of the focal points of measures within the reconstruction of the city through analysis of the labour capacity and tailored jobs for the population.

Umid Isazade, leading consultant at the Special Representative Office of the President in Aghdam, Fuzuli and Khojavand, said to at a briefing in Fuzuli. He added that Fuzuli residents are already enjoying 1,300 square meters of non-residential infrastructure, such as public catering facilities.

Former IDPs can now start their businesses in their ancestral homes. They are currently reviewing applications from another 1100 residents. They will, too, be soon provided with non-residential spaces.

Isazade noted that they are prioritizing sustainability while analyzing business applications. They must support the reintegration of the liberated territories into the economy across the country.

The master plan of Fuzuli also envisages an industrial zone. They have already started constructing roads and communication lines. The zone itself is currently being designed. As this stage is finalized, entrepreneurs will be able to invest and start their businesses there.


Sabina Hasanova

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