China resolutely supports peace agenda proposed by Azerbaijan

  03 July 2024    Read: 916
China resolutely supports peace agenda proposed by Azerbaijan

“China resolutely supports the peace agenda proposed by Azerbaijan and considers counterproductive geopolitical intrigues aimed at maintaining confrontation,” said the “Joint Declaration of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the People’s Republic of China on the establishment of a strategic partnership adopted on July 3 in Astana.

According to the document, the parties emphasized that terrorism, separatism, and extremism pose serious threats to the entire international community and require joining efforts to prevent and combat these challenges.

“The Parties will continue to provide resolute support to one another on the path of development chosen in line with their national specificities and are ready to cooperate to achieve common development and prosperity.

The Parties are ready to maintain close contacts and coordination on the most important issues of national, as well as regional and global security, strengthen trust, and prevent any forces from using their state territory to carry out actions against the other Party,” the document mentioned.

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