'The number of voters in 125 constituencies across country has significantly increased'

  10 July 2024    Read: 803

“We have inquired about the conditions created at the precinct election commissions for the organized holding of elections. All necessary conditions must be provided in the premises of the commissions,” said Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Head of the Department for Territorial and Organizational Issues of the Presidential Administration Zeynal Naghdaliyev as he addressed the meeting held with chairs of the district election commissions.

Noting that there are 26 polling stations set up in the liberated territories earlier, the Assistant to the President underlined that eight more polling stations have now been established there.

The Assistant to the President recommended the chairs of the election commissions to contact the relevant institutions if any negative cases are detected.

"Number of voters in 125 constituencies across the country has increased significantly. By August 9, the identification of open and closed places in constituencies will be completed.

Zeynal Naghdaliyev also highlighted the importance of determining the voter lists before the elections.

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