Hey buddy, let your wife have it - Open letter to George Clooney

  22 January 2016    Read: 6240
Hey buddy, let your wife have it - Open letter to George Clooney
My fellow George, we have a country saying adressed to some men. "Man up! Possess your wife
Believe me, we all know you are not such a man. Don’t get me wrong, personally I`m not one of those who know you after “Ocean`s 11 ” movie; I had respect you for ”Ambulance” Tv series, and I became fan of you after watching “From Sunset till Sunrise”. I remember, at those times you bet 10 000 dollars with Julia Roberts (don`t get me wrong I don`t have any sexual desire for her, she is like a sis to me) who is my favorite actress that you would not get married. I was fascinated by your wisdom! I was supporting you for your bet. Several times, I have told my bachelor friends that George is man enough. He keeps his promises, unlike us. If he bears up to now, he will do it till the end!

And indeed, you were keeping your promises as a real man! But what have you done in the end? Fuck all. 10 000 dollar bet is not nuts and bolts. I mean, weren’t you able to be every bit as much as Nasimi Nabizade?

We don’t blame on you for marriage but couldn’t you find a well-bred woman to get married? If you showed a small part of your ‘Oscar” award, many of girls in our village would tear each other’s hair out. But you get married with..

Last year, I was mixed up when mom of your kids (I know you don’t have kids, but it is a saying in our society said instead of the word `wife` ) become the lawyer of Armenians in the case of Dogu Perinchek at the European Court of Human rights. You know buddy, you must not allow your wife to feel bored. There is a joke in our society. If you make your wife feel bored, she would join Armenians. First, She would lay a case against Turkey and then against Azerbaijan.

It would be better if you didn’t do it tout de suite. If you lay a case against Turkey in 2015 and Azerbaijan in 2016, you won’t need to shoot “Good night and Good luck” movie for showing your pro-Armenian position. Explain your wife that the wife of an actor should act well.

I mean, you have watched your wife’s video about Khadija. She said that the camera was put in Khadija’s bedroom and she was blackmailed. Hey buddy, everything happened in front of our eyes. Khadija didn’t care about it. What is it to your wife?

Frankly speaking, I don’t find pleasure in wife theme. I would love to talk face to face and explain the state of Azerbaijan to you. Now, it is not obvious. So, don`t worry your pretty little head about it, I’ll explain it clearly.

My fellow George, your wife is being exploited. I mean, no one knows Khadija in the world. But Amal is quite popular because of you. Now, if Armenian centers exploit Amal to make Khadija issue widely known in the world, they indirectly exploit your name, as well. You willy-nilly become an instrument. Are you worthy of being an instrument? Most particularly, mom of your kids…

You know, it is up to you, buddy. I personally wouldn’t like my wife to be expoloited by such kind of people. So, I am writing to you. Everything’s up to you!

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