Demand Justice for Khojaly: Azerbaijani territories hours after occupation - VIDEO

  23 February 2016    Read: 2931
Demand Justice for Khojaly: Azerbaijani territories hours after occupation - VIDEO presents video recorded in occupied districts of the Republic of Azerbaijan-Khodjaly and Shusha hours after occupation by Armenian separatists in 1992.

Video also displays Khankendi district of Azerbaijan.

The recording was taken from Armenian media.

Khojaly is in the Khojaly town of Azerbaijan. The population is 24,417 people. Khojaly region established on the basis of Askeran region on November 26, 1991. Territory of the region was occupied by Armenian armed forces during 1991-1992. In February 26, 1992, in the town of Khojaly Armenians committed genocide of the century.

Currently Khojaly is under Armenian occupation.

Shusha is the fortress city in Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. This city is the center of the Shusha region of Azerbaijan. The population is 19,300 (2008). After being occupied by Armenians on May 8, 1992 Shusha was destroyed and turned to ruins. There are, 170 and 160 only officially registered monuments of art in Shusha. During the occupation of Shusha 200 people killed, 150 people became disabled and 552 children orphaned, 22 thousand people became refugees. 200 historical monuments, 2 sanatorium, home museums of well-known artists, 70 bed tourist center, 1,200 bed boarding, etc. were destroyed.

Currently Shusha is under Armenian occupation.

Khankendi is subordinated city in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Administratively its coverage area includes the city of Khankendi and Karkijahan settlement. The population is 53,100 (2008). Khankendi included in administrative area of Askeran region.

Currently Khankendi is under Armenian occupation.

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