Everyone in Azerbaijan aware of opposition

  24 October 2014    Read: 688
Everyone in Azerbaijan aware of opposition
Everyone in Azerbaijan knows about the opposition’s political collapse, and this process has been going on for several years already, the Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov told Trend Oct. 24.

He was commenting on the tensions and resignations in the oppositional Musavat party, and the Azerbaijani Popular Front Party (APFP).

Ahmadov said the citizens’ distrust towards opposition parties is an obvious proof of the opposition’s political collapse, and every Azerbaijani citizen has been witnessing this for the past few years.

“This process is being observed not only in the Musavat party, but also in the APFP,” Ahmadov said.

He added that these parties’ members have themselves begun realizing the futility of the existence of these organizations in the present shape, within the frameworks of current ideological views.

“The discord within these parties proves that they are on a wrong path - from the viewpoint of ideological stance, and in terms of competing methods,” Ahmadov said.

“The denial and ill-will have not yet brought success to any political organization. As a result, most of the members of both Musavat and APFP began to realize that their methods of competing are harmful not only to society, but also to the parties themselves,” he added.

Azerbaijan’s opposition party Musavat held on Sept. 27 its 8th congress, which elected Arif Hajili the party’s head. However, this decision angered some active members of the party.

Among the candidates for the party’s head there were Arif Hajili, Gubad Ibadoglu, Tural Abbasli and Sahavet Alisoy.

During the congress, Alisoy withdrew his candidacy in favor of another candidate, Gubad Ibadoglu.

Over the last ten days several active members left the Azerbaijani Popular Front Party.

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