17 November 2014    Read: 470
As of October 1, 2014, Azerbaijan’s external public debt made AZN 6 bln 380.7 mln ($5 bln 5.1 mln), external public debt/GDP ratio – 8.5%.

7.4% of credits were allocated for 10 years, 61.3% - for 10-20 years, 31.3% - for 20 years and more.

10.4% of external debts are in SDR (special drawing rights)? 63.7% in USD, 21.7% in Euro, 2.2% in Japan yen, 0.8% in Islam dinar, 0.5% in Saudi riyal, 0.5% in UAE dirham, 0.2% in Kuwaiti dinar.

The funds borrowed mainly from WB, Japan International Cooperation Agency, ADB, IDB, EBRD and other international financial organizations were spent to support of economic reforms programs in Azerbaijan, restoration and restructuring of infrastructure, construction of power stations, road construction, improvement of water supply of the regions, aviation and railway transport services, industry and energy and other spheres.

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