Hackers Just Exposed Thousands Of Gamer Passwords From Sony, Microsoft, And 2K

  26 November 2014    Read: 539
Hackers Just Exposed Thousands Of Gamer Passwords From Sony, Microsoft, And 2K
A hacker group by the name of DerpTrolling claims to have hacked the PlayStation Network, Windows Live, and 2K Games Studios platforms, posting many of the username/password combinations on Pastebin to prove it.
According to CNET, the Pastebin link includes usernames and passwords for 2,131 PlayStation Network users, 1,473 Windows Live users, and 2,000 2k Game Studios users.

The hacking group had previously said it didn’t want to leak customer data, but explained why it changed its mind in the Pastebin document.

"We were advised by one of our friends over at RedHack to make adjustments in our operations," the DerpTrolling member said. "A show of force from us, would be an attack on 2K that would be very similar to our attacks on Blizzard. Like I said, DerpTrolling in no way wants to harm our children by leaking such damaging data. It`s only a warning to the companies."

We will just leave this here.https://azvision.az/redirect.php?url=http://t.co/MjN4mEmKNj
— DERP (@GabenTheLord) November 20, 2014
The DerpTrolling group insists it wants to force these major gaming companies — Sony, Microsoft, and 2K — into upgrading their servers to prevent this type of hacking, but in case those companies don’t get the message, DerpTrolling claims to have even more data.

"We have 800,000 from 2K and 500,000 credit card data. In all of our raids we have a total of around 7 million usernames and passwords," he said. "We have around 2 million Comcast accounts, 620,000 Twitter accounts, 1.2 million credentials belonging to the CIA domain, 200,000 Windows Live accounts, 3 million Facebook, 1.7 million EA origins accounts, etc.”

We’ve reached out to Microsoft, Sony, and 2K, and we’ll update this story as soon as we learn more. As we wait for official word from these companies, we strongly advise any users of these platforms change the passwords associated with their accounts.

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