Illegal use of occupied territories - Drug trafficking

  16 December 2014    Read: 1989
Illegal use of occupied territories - Drug trafficking
Drug trafficking, which threatens the future of mankind is one of the major forms of transnational organized crime. Directing of revenues from drug business to other transnational crimes, as well as towards the financing of terrorism increases the level of its danger. For Azerbaijan this threat comes from the existence of the occupied territories and from the transit of shipments. The Republic of Azerbaijan repeatedly gave statements on drug cultivation, processing and transportation in Nagorno-Garabakh and surrounding territories of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenia, in the “gray zones" outside of the national and international jurisdiction, as well as necessity of the efforts of the international community in order to prevent it.
The United Nations Office in Vienna although wanted to carry out monitoring with respect to drugs in the territory of Nagorno-Garabagh but Armenia was against it. Today, in Garabakh, which is under the occupation of the Armenians, is considered to be the largest transit area of drugs in the world. This zone has become one of the main areas of the cultivation of drugs, its transit, as well as for the training of terrorist groups.
As a result of the fact that 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenian armed forces this area and in fact part of the Azerbaijani-Iranian border with 132 km of length turned to be uncontrolled zone and it has created favorable conditions for the drug business.

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