“Sayat Nova is Azerbaijani, not Armenian; he is Seyat Neva”

  21 October 2016    Read: 3403
“Sayat Nova is Azerbaijani, not Armenian; he is Seyat Neva”
Sayat Nova is Azerbaijani, not Armenian, and he is Seyat Neva, the chairman of Azerbaijani Ashugs’ Union Maharram Gasimli told APA.
“I don’t know how come Sayat Nova is introduced as Armenian. In fact, he is Seyat Neva, not Sayat Nova,” said Gasimli. “Our old ashugs used to recite poems in Russian, Georgian, and Armenian at any time. Seyat Neva too has written poems in Armenian and Georgian. He wrote mostly in Azerbaijani and he is Azerbaijani, not Armenian. He was born in Tbilisi. The Armenians introduce him to the world as an Armenian ashug.”

He noted that said that there is no fact of Seyat Neva being an Armenian.

“Mirali Seyidov has numerous researches that prove Seyat Neva is an Azerbaijani ashug. About 300 Armenian ashugs wrote and recite poems in Azerbaijani,” added the union chairman. “We shouldn’t forget that there were talented persons among them. In Azerbaijan’s Shamkir district there was an Armenian ashug called Yervant who recited in Azerbaijan. He often told me the Armenian language doesn’t harmonize with the sound of saz. Today Armenian ashugs are promoted in the world, but one shouldn’t forget that the Armenioan ashug art has always been under the influence of the Azerbaijan`s culture.”

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