World countries must work together to combat terrorism - Turkish speaker

  21 January 2015    Read: 752
World countries must work together to combat terrorism - Turkish speaker
The world countries must work together to combat terrorism, as the fight against terrorism is not only a matter of individual countries, said the Turkish parliament speaker Cemil Cicek, the agency Anadolu reported.
He said that countries of the world cannot fight terrorism alone.

He went on to add that the recent events taking place in the region must concern all the nations of the world.

Turkey understands the danger of terrorism, as the country has faced it with for over 30 years, according to the speaker.

“Today, the region has a lot of terrorist organizations, such as the “Islamic State” and the Kurdistan Workers` Party (PKK),” said Cicek.

The conflict between Turkey and the PKK, which has continued for more than 25 years, put an end to lives of over 40,000 people. PKK is recognized as terrorist organization by the UN and the EU.

The ‘Islamic State’ (IS, formerly ISIL or ISIS,) was created in 2003 in Iraq. Between 2004 and 2006, the organization was led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and consisted of 11 radical Islamist groups, which had close ties to the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

Following the start of military confrontation in Syria between the armed opposition and the government forces, the IS penetrated the country in 2013.

The organization said at the time it refuses to take the oath of Al-Qaeda and declared ‘a holy war’ against all groups in Iraq and Syria, as well as the Syrian government forces.

Strengthening of the IS in Syria allowed it to return to Iraq, deploying military actions against government forces there.

In late June of 2014, the IS announced about the creation of the ‘Islamic Caliphate’ on the territories under its control in Iraq and Syria. In turn, Iraqi authorities asked the international community for help in fighting the IS.

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