23 years pass since terrorist act committed by Armenians at Baku metro

19:38   19 March 2017    6284

Today marks the 23th anniversary since the commitment of the terrorist act at Baku metro station "20 Yanvar (January)".

As a result of the explosion committed on 19 March 1994 at the 20 January station, 14 people died and 49 were injured, AzVision.az reports.

The court proved that the terror act was prepared by the Armenian special services and committed by members of separatist Lezghin organization of Sadval.

The Sadval activists since 1992 repeatedly visited Armenia and the Armenian National Security closely participated in the formation, financing and armament of the organization.

In April-May 1992, 30 Azerbaijani citizens of Lezghin nationality passed a special terror and provocation training at the training base in Lusakert settlement of Nairi region of Armenia.

The investigation revealed that the provocateurs, according to the instruction, were planning to carry out explosion also at the Nizami movie theatre in Baku, the Republican palace and the Baku lamp plant.

The 30 sadvalists accused of the explosion at the 20 January underground station were prosecuted.

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